About Me

I want to help you build the life you know you’re meant to live.

Four years ago, I worked in a cubicle in the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. Every day, I would walk out to the turtle pond, which was a little pond behind the office park where the Oprah Winfrey Network made its home.

It was the only nature I got on a regular basis. Sometimes, I’d get to work, drive into the underground garage, go to my desk, and not leave until after dark. If it wasn’t for that turtle pond, I’d never go outside.

But at the same time, I knew people would kill for that job.

I worked with creative, driven, interesting people. I liked my work, despite the few pretty ordinary frustrations. I made decent money. I lived only 10 minutes from work. Heck, I worked for Oprah Winfrey, one of the most influential, visionary, amazing people of our time!

I knew I was incredibly fortunate, and I felt like a jerk for not totally being in love with my life.

And then, we found a bar of soap.

I looked at the ingredients of that soap, and realized that I could probably make a bar of soap. And after a little simple math, we decided that soap probably wasn’t the worst business idea in the world.

So was born Outlaw Soaps.

That little business was enough of a dream to get us out of the office. I quit my job, and Russ did handyman work on the side to support us in the lean beginnings. We lived in an Oakland warehouse and made the soap downstairs in a vacant room. It wasn’t glamorous, but we were Outlaws.

After a while, we were making enough of a living to move to Antioch, to a bigger house on a street, but it still wasn’t really in nature.

This year, after three years of starting-up, we moved to Gold Country.

And they lived happily ever after… EXCEPT:

Business is HARD. With almost no start-up money and no basic understanding of how manufacturing works, we’ve had to be extra super duper scrappy.

We borrowed the absolute least money we could get by on, and worked our butts off to make the start-up dollars last as long as possible. Recently, we hired a couple people, and my involvement isn’t as required on a daily basis, so… here I am writing you about me, and how we made it to here.

We’re a long way from the turtle pond, and we couldn’t have done it without our scrappy marketing sense.

In the past three years, I’ve met literally hundreds of amazing makers and entrepreneurs who create incredible stuff, and have the incredible work ethic to schlep stuff to and from farmer’s markets… but don’t have the online marketing mojo to make much use of the worldwide audience available through a weird little wire in the wall.

If this sounds like you, the world is out there, and they want what you have. Let me help you build your business online.

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